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When purchasing a Crystal Water water purifier, it comes with a standard "CTO-grade" carbon filter.

CTO stands for chlorine, taste and smell (chlorine, taste, odor). It is the improvement or removal of these parameters that the filter manufacturers guarantee. Typical CTO filters usually have 10μ (0.01 mm) filter pores. We have chosen a filter with 5μ pore size. It provides good flow, vortex and aeration of the water. Smaller filter cartridges with larger filter pores than this for mounting directly on the faucet are among the best-selling filter types on the household market in the world in you. 

To ensure optimal water quality, we generally recommend 2 - 3 filter changes per year. The amount of organic material and particles in the water can vary greatly from place to place and can affect the number of necessary filter changes. If or when the water flow is reduced, or you see that the filter has become dark/muddy (caused by e.g. organic matter), this is a sign that the filter needs to be changed. A new filter more effectively removes chlorine and other compounds that give the water a bad taste and smell.  NB! The filter should not be washed, only replaced. 


It is quick and easy to change the filter on Crystal Water. This is done in the following way:


1. Make sure the water is completely turned off

2. The top part unscrews the blue cylinder (Faucet 1) is on

3. The filter is then unscrewed from the underside of the top part 


Take a new Crystal Water filter and fit in the same way in reverse order. The pillar 6) will hang firmly on the underside of the filter, and makes it easy to clean the inside of the cylinder (see chapter on cleaning).


NB! Filters should not be washed, only changed.

After prolonged use, the pores in the carbon filter become clogged with impurities and particles, which reduce the effect. Used filters can be thrown away with the household waste, or as compost (the black carbon is beneficial for plants). To use the carbon in the filter, the plastic mesh is removed and the filter can be chopped up into smaller pieces.

Dismantling and washing the cleaner

The central parts of Crystal Water can be assembled apart for washing and cleaning. You can clean the parts with a regular dish brush or sponge with soap and water. Over time, organic material (and other particles) can build up inside the cleaner, which should be washed. See more details in the user manual that comes with the cleaner.

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