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Crystal Water Group Ltd.

a part of

BOSERUP holding AS

Crystal Water Group Ltd. (London) is owned 56% by Boserup Holding AS (Norway) and 44% by other shareholders and owns 100 % Crystal Water Holding Ltd. (Dubai,DIFC), capitalized with a total number of 32,399,000 shares issued representing a total share capital of USD 32,399,000.

Crystal Water Norway AS is owned 100% by Crystal Water Holding Ltd. (Dubai, DIFC)

  • Crystal Water Group Ltd. mission is to develop solutions that refine tap water to promote good health and a fresh experience.

  • Through studies and research, we will increase the knowledge and understanding of how tap water can be structured, vitalized and purified, in order to optimize the water's good qualities.

  • Crystal Water Group Ltd. will develop products and solutions that are sustainable, both for the household and the environment. With new technology and a user-friendly and stylish design we aim to increase the appreciation of drinking water in the world.

"Norwegian mountain water"
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