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How do I connect Crystal Water to the kitchen water supply?

You have two ways to do it:


Option 1:

The Crystal Water box comes with a Universal connector/switch which can be mounted on kitchen faucets that have a removable strainer with threads on the tip where the water flows out. it fits standard faucets with 22 mm external threads. It also comes with two adapters for those who have faucets with 22 mm or 24 mm internal threads. If you have a different faucet than this, we can be helpful in obtaining special adapters.See detailed instructions on how to find out which faucet and any adapters you need at the link below: 

Universal connector/switch follows

with the cleaner. 

The water is directed to the purifier by turning

lever on the coupling.

Sturn the lever back to get the water out through the faucet again.

Option 2:

Crystal Water special switch on bench can be applicable for several reasons: Your kitchen faucet does not have a removable strainer with threads, the threads have different dimensions than we can provide or you have difficulties disassembling the strainer. It is also a good solution for those who do not want to have a water line from the top of the tap.


Du installerer Crystal Water spesial-bryter på benkeplaten eller vasken - ved siden av renseren (se illustrasjon under) . The hose from the cleaner is then threaded onto the pin that sticks out on the special switch.


The job consists of drilling a hole in the bench or sink for the special switch, and then connecting cold water the intake below. The pipe from the special switch which extrudes under the counter/sink has half-inch standard threads.The tube is 80 mm long so that the special switch can also be used on thick counter tops. The job can easily be done by a "handy" woman/man (does not have to be a certified plumber). The advantage of using a plumber is that at the same time they can also provide the connections and transitions (possibly T-pipe) which are needed to connect specially -the switch for the cold water intake under the bench. The job takes from 1 - 2 hours depending on how easy it is to get under the bench. If you have more questions about this solution, you can contact us.  

80 mm long pipe with standard G 1/2" pipe thread: 21.95 mm outer diameter

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