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Mountain Water

Have you ever tasted water from a mountain stream? You feel that the water has a lightness and freshness that is unique. It is as if the smallest cell in the body takes in the life-giving drops with gratitude.

What is it that causes the mountain water to be experienced in this way? It is clear that there is something other than just the purity of the water that gives this experience. This experience has inspired us to develop the Crystal Water technology, which we have chosen to call HydroTechTM. Through many years of study, we have developed a water purifier with the aim of recreating the quality of Norwegian mountain water.


The properties of water are still a subject of wonder, also in scientific research. Did you know e.g. that the water molecules have the ability to form different patterns and configurations, not only in frozen form but also in a liquid state? Did you know that magnets can change water's surface tension, density and the solubility of oxygen? Did you know that water has the ability to store information and has a form of "memory"?

Scientists are constantly discovering new aspects of water's properties, which are important to our health.

Living water

Earth's surface consists of 70% water and is the only planet in the solar system that has life as we know it.

We are born with the same amount of water in the body - 70%.  The water molecules are so small that for every second molecule in the body there are almost 100 water molecules. In the same way that the water cycle in nature follows currents in streams and rivers, in soil and ground, the body is also dependent on circulating water. Some of our body cells contain as much as 90% water. The water in the blood transports nutrients to our cells and the water in the lymph fluid removes waste from them. It is essential for our physical and cognitive functions to be well hydrated. Water is the most fundamental source of vital life. Water is life!

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