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The Crystal Water water purifier is easily and efficiently connected to your tap without the need for a plumber. Along with the purifier comes equipment and a manual for connection, which means that you have access to clean and fresh water within a few minutes. 

the treatment process:

Crystal Water has a patented 5-step process that purifies and revitalizes your tap water. These five steps are based on nature's principles for how the water is vitalized in a mountain stream.

1. oxygen

An important difference between fresh, flowing water and stagnant water is how much oxygen it contains. In the first step in Crystal Water, incoming water is compressed and mixed with oxygen in an ejector that forms a large number of microbubbles in the purifier. This aerates the water and gives it a fresher, lighter consistency.

2. Vortex

In all streams and rivers where the water is in motion, the water never flows in straight lines. The water always forms circular movements, backwaters and eddies which are the natural flow. In the Crystal Water cylinder, the water is directed at high speed into a circular movement. This creates a powerful upward vortex inside the cleaner.

3. magnetic field

Everywhere in nature there are large and small geomagnetic fields where water flows. Research shows that magnetic fields reduce the surface tension of the water and cause the water molecules to bind to each other in new ways. Measurements of the water's entropy (the degree of disorder) indicate that the water molecules organize themselves in a more ordered way when the water is exposed to a magnetic field. Crystal Water has developed a patented construction that gives the water optimal exposure from a magnetic field on its way up through the cylinder.

4. quartz crystal

In nature, water passes through a large number of minerals both in soil and in streams. One of the most common minerals and rocks on the earth's surface is quartz. Inside the Crystal Water purifier is a natural quartz crystal that the water passes through.

5. active carbon filter

Water in nature passes through many different layers of sand and sediments underground. This is how the water is naturally filtered and purified before it becomes groundwater - a good source of clean and mineral-rich drinking water. The filter in Crystal Water is based on activated carbon which removes unwanted elements such as chlorine and pollution/impurities. Filtering the water through an active carbon filter is the last step on the way in Crystal Water's hydration technology.

The result

The result of the 5-step process in Crystal Water is sunt, clean and fresh drinking water - like from a Norwegian mountain stream.    

Patented technology

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Crystal Water

Hydration Technology

Example of Crystal Water in various kitchen environments

Crystal Water is delivered in a pretty box

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