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Water and health

  • Water counteracts headaches and lethargy. The body consists of 70% water. If you lose 1% of water, you risk losing 10% of your performance.

  • Water cleanses the body. Make it easier to get rid of waste materials. It makes for a healthier body and you will feel better.

  • Drink more when exercising and when it's hot. At a high level of activity, the fluid intake must be increased. Water regulates body temperature. Drink water after time. The body has fluid loss long before the feeling of thirst will make itself felt. Water helps to maintain blood volume in the body during physical activity. Which makes it a contributing factor to increasing oxygen uptake.

  • Muscles contain a lot of water, so it is important to have plenty of water during strength training as well.

  • Drink water with food. Water cleanses the palate, enhances the taste of food and strengthens digestion.

  • Water leads to increased combustion and suppresses the feeling of hunger. The body needs 2.5 liters of water depending on the level of activity. Remember that a lot of liquid is added through food.

  • Drink water with tea, coffee, alcohol. These are diuretics.

  • Water is the body's fuel. It strengthens the body's chemical processes and repairs, maintains and renews cells.


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